Ferrellgas Agreement 2020-2021

The Tano Road Association has once again contracted with Ferrellgas for special rates for our paid-up TRA members.  Please note that the new agreement goes into effect September 1, 2020, so make sure to fill your propane tanks under the old agreement, if you want to take advantage of the old pricing.

The new agreement starts $1.452, with pricing capped at $1.849 per gallon. Last year’s agreement started at $1.369 with a cap of $1.849.
Please contact Ferrellgas directly to fill your tank or set up an account as needed. If you are a new customer, they will check with us to see if you are a current, paid-up member of the TRA. Only TRA members are entitled to the negotiated price.

This discounted rate on propane deliveries is applied to the account of Tano Road Association members when their account is set up.  The discounted price will fluctuate with the wholesale cost of propane but will not exceed the TRA capped rate set by Ferrellgas.  Also, Ferrellgas will not charge Hazmat or Fuel Surcharge fees.

Ferrellgas has a variety of payment plans that include Budget Billing payments, payment within 30 days of delivery, and payment in advance.  If you are interested in changing your payment plan or setting up a new service, please contact one of our Customer Service Representative at 505-425-7503 and they will be able to assist you.