County Resolutions on Water Issues

NW Well Re-Permit Application Resolution 2013-57

A Resolution to involve County staff and legal counsel in the City’s NW Well re-application was unanimously approved at the June 11, 2013, Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting.

— The Resolution, co-sponsored by Commissioners Mayfield and Anaya, directs County staff to investigate the City’s application to pump the NW Well and determine the impact on County water users.
— County staff will also determine whether the City’s application goes against current groundwater conservation and public welfare agreements.
— If any violations, breaches or inconsistencies are determined, the BCC may direct staff to take any and all action deemed necessary to bring the County’s concerns to the attention of the OSE, to directly address any breach through appropriate legal action, and to take other actions deemed necessary and proper concerning the City’s pending application.

The County’s position on the City’s NW Well application will be critical in the OSE’s assessment of the application, and should influence the Hearing Examiner to make a fair and reasonable resolution of the Protest.

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Water Policy Advisory Committee Resolution 2013-42

The Resolution to appoint a 12-member Water Policy Advisory Committee was unanimously approved on 30 April by the BCC.  TRA’s Commissioner Mayfield introduced a “friendly amendment” whereby the Committee will monitor city water rights applications to the OSE, and advise the BCC accordingly.

Seven of the 12 members are “prescribed”, representing certain county areas and particular county water use, soil and geologic issues.  The remaining five members will be appointed by the Commissioners, one from each of the five County districts.