Tano Road Association News & Announcements

June 16 TRA Nosh

A Mexican Fiesta!

Please join your friends and neighbors at the Tano Road Association Nosh Saturday, June 16, 2018 – 6:00 PM (please note change from mailed invitation).

TRA will provide Mexican entrees, water and soft drinks

Please bring the following:

If your last name initial falls between:

A-E – Appetizer

F-L – Entrée

M-R – Side Dish

S-Z – Dessert

All Tano Road area residents are welcome, members & non-members.

Please RSVP to Robin Owen 203-984-5636 / robinowen5314@gmail.com

Food Collected at Annual Meeting

The non-perishable food collected at the TRA Annual Meeting has been delivered to the Santa Fe Food Depot. It was 151 pounds of food, the most so far we have collected. The Food Depot was very grateful.


Northwest Well Protest Resolution

As announced at the recent Annual Meeting, we have resolution!  After seven LONG years of hard work, we have an approved agreement on the Northwest Well protest!!!!!

On October 31, 2017, the New Mexico State Engineer approved the NW Well Settlement Agreement and Conditions of Approval as submitted by the City of Santa Fe, the Office of State Engineer Water Rights Division and the NW Well Protest Coalition led by the Tano Road Association.

A permanent pumping Permit will be issued limiting the NW Well to an average of 650 acre feet per year.  The Settlement also requires the City to maintain an extensive NW Well Monitoring Program to include five Tano Road area wells along with fourteen other nearby wells. 

The Monitoring Program will inform and regulate the use of the Tesuque Aquifer that our neighborhood’s wells depend upon, and protect our property values by ensuring a stable water source for our homes. The data that are collected will be read by our hydrologist and we will stay informed of any changes in the aquifer.

As part of the Settlement, the City’s application to expand its municipal water rights has been resolved to moderate and control any unnecessary water rights expansion.

The NW Well Settlement of a citizen-protested water use application was the first ever in the State of New Mexico. This is a precedent-setting agreement: it protects New Mexico’s rural and domestic well water users affected by municipal wells and other urban ground water users.  And, we avoided a lengthy and expensive court case.

The final Settlement and Permit documents will be posted on the  website in the near future.

HUGE THANKS to Ellen Collins and Doris Longhurst, who have tirelessly shepherded this protest through some very difficult times and who have agreed to stay on top of the ongoing monitoring program. 


Annual Meeting Dec 3 Minutes

The minutes can be found on the Board of Directors page (https://tanoroad.org/about-tra/board).

Ferrell Gas Agreement 2017-2018

The TRA has arranged a new propane agreement with Ferrellgas. The current price is $1.41, and the price is capped at $1.49. This agreement will run from October 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.

If you ordered propane prior to October 1, you should have been charged under the old agreement, where the price was capped at $1.25.

That is the maximum they can charge, but your price may be even lower.  Also, Ferrellgas will not charge Hazmat or Fuel Recovery fees. 

Ferrellgas has a variety of payment plans that include monthly payments, payment within 30 days of delivery, and pay in advance.  If you are interested in changing your payment plan, please contact Paul Haeder, Director of Operations at paulhaeder@ferrellgas.com or (253) 261-7495.

Be sure to watch your tank towards the end of the summer and fill up. Gas and oil prices have gone up and the adjustable top rate will likely go up in the fall.

You must be a current, paid-up member of the TRA in order to get the contract rate.

Rich Higgins Service Award Given to Frank Pytko

At the Spring Neighborhood Nosh, the Rich Higgins Service Award was given to Frank Pytko, a long-term resident of the Tano Road area with his wife, Toni Camp. Frank was honored for his service to the TRA, having spent years shepherding the Security Patrol. Frank served on the TRA Board and developed the first and only Security Patrol handbook. He also helped with our TRA Community Day during the two years that we had this event.

Frank was also on the committee for the inaugural “Community Day” in Santa Fe and was a board member of the Human Rights Election Fund.

Frank is a native Chicagoan who attended the University of Illinois. He is one of the original computer geeks and, little known fact, was a wild, long-haired drummer with a rock band.

Fire Preparedness Opportunity at Low Cost to Property Owners

Fire season will be here soon. Help protect your property and the neighborhood by clearing selected tree or other hazards that increase the risk of fire damage.

It’s easy and it’s inexpensive:

Sign up for a free fire hazard assessment of your property. Take advantage of available grant funds to reduce your cost of thinning and removing hazardous shrubs or trees.

The organization providing the estimate also applies for and administers the grant funds for you.

With about 80% of that cost covered by grant funds, the cost to you can drop to only about $200 per acre. That’s nothing when compared to the value of your home (or your life).

Arrange for a free estimate:

Fill out one form on the internet http://www.santafefireshed.org/fuelsreduction/

It’s a lasting investment. Clearing the fuel loading this year can provide lasting value for many years.

Last year, the TRA supported Forest Stewards Guild in obtaining access to the grant funding. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Questions about the grant program can be directed to Matt Piccarello by email or phone: matt@forestguild.org, 505-470-9725

At the annual TRA meeting in December 2016, property owners were advised of simple measures to reduce the risk of a fire impacting your lives or your property. A summary of that presentation appears below on the TRA website: https://tanoroad.org/news/fire-preparedness-goals-for-the-tano-road-area


Following is a summary of the presentation given by Art Jensen at the Annual Meeting, Nov 4, 2016:

Promote awareness of hazards and three simple steps to save lives Ensure the regional 911 center has all of your contact information to receive prompt notifications of nearby fires (Takes five minutes – see link below) Ensure you know what route(s) you can take to safety if a fire is approaching your home (Many of us live on dead end roads) Install smoke sensors and alarm systems if you don’t already have them Encourage routine risk reduction measures to protect property Sign up for an initial property hazard assessment (See link below) Schedule fuel reduction work each spring (A small investment to reduce risks to your lives and property)

Helpful websites for property owners:

Register with regional 911 center for emergency notifications https://www.santafecountynm.gov/public_safety/recc https://santafe911.onthealert.com/Terms/Index/?ReturnUrl=%2f

Property hazard assessments http://wildfirenetwork.org/index.php/projects/tesuque-valley-firewise

Planning https://nmfireinfo.com/information/before-a-wildfire/

Safety and evacuation https://www.santafecountynm.gov/fire/emergency_management_division/evacuation_planning_guide

Food Drive at the Annual Meeting

Our food drive this year was greatly improved over last year.

2015  – 47      lbs. 2016  –    116  lbs.

The Santa Fe Food Depot was very appreciative.