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Fall 2016 Newsletter

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Mistletoe: deal with it or not?

There has been some conversation in the newspaper recently about whether to remove mistletoe from the juniper trees.  What to do?

There is no clear answer to this question.  The USDA site says to leave it alone.

However, the New Mexico State Plant Pathologist recommends removing it:  http://aces.nmsu.edu/ces/plantclinic/documents/mistletoes-_od-10__final.pdf

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Oct. 15 Neighborhood Nosh, June Kirkpatrick Receives the Rich Higgins Service Award

The Fall Nosh at Cathy and Skipper Brown’s beautiful home was a huge success, with many neighbors there to enjoy the delicious foods, the warm ambience and a magnificent sunset!

At the Nosh, President Karen Freeman presented the Rich Higgins Service Award to long time resident and active TRA member, June Kirkpatrick. June and her husband Charles have been here since 1973, but, sadly, will be moving to Albuquerque soon. June was on the Security Patrol for 18 years and then was the call-in person who tracked the patrol equipment. (In earlier days, patrollers would call June in the morning when they went out for their first run – she always answered cheerfully at 8am!) She also served on the Ways and Means Committee and worked on getting Tano Road paved – before that, you needed special mud tires to live out here.

In addition to all she has done for us, she has had young school children out to meet her llamas, sheep and goats, she chaired the Opera Guild and volunteered for the Red Cross. She and Charles used to own the Inn at Loretto.

We will be sorry to lose the Kirkpatricks as neighbors, but are thankful for all they have done while here. Good luck, June and Charles!

Help Promote Safe and Sober Celebrations For Our Youth

See information about graduation and proms this spring and suggestions for keeping our youth safe during these events, distributed by the Santa Fe Prevention Alliance.


New Santa Fe Trail Maps

The Santa Fe County Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) division created an online interactive trails map that is now available to the public. The map includes hundreds of miles of trails throughout Santa Fe County, including County trails and Santa Fe National Forest, City of Santa Fe, and private land trails. (Check out the Map)

When searching the maps, a click on the blue “P” will show the name of the trail. Some names are abbreviated, i.e. SFNF is “Santa Fe National Forest”. Use the navigation bar on the left to find out more specific information about the trails and a clickable link to a map with directions to the trail head or parking lot.

An app is being developed for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Coyote Awareness

See Project Coyote resource information: http://coyoteproject.org/resources.html

Minutes of Annual Meeting

The minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting are available at https://tanoroad.org/wp-content/uploads/TRA-Annual-Meeting-2015.pdf.

Bobcats in the Area

These two beauties were spotted in a yard off Camino de los Montoyas.













September 19 Nosh, Winky van der Hoeven Received Rich Higgins Service Award

The very successful Fall Nosh was held on September 19 at the beautiful home of Barbara Flicker. Many enjoyed strolling through the English garden and the 7-acre sculpture garden before indulging in the delicious foods.

Ellen Collins reported that we are in ongoing talks with the OSE and City about the water situation but there is no progress to report.  Warren Berg made a plea for more people to join the Security Patrol.

Howard Gershon, President, awarded the Rich Higgins Service Award to Winky van der Hoeven in recognition of her years of volunteering for the Tano Road Association. In addition to having served for years on the TRA Security Patrol, Winky helped the team develop our website at www.tanoroad.org, and has served as webmaster ever since. An “early adopter” of computing skills, Winky worked on writing code for the Apollo Moon project in the late 1960’s, then worked for TWA, Pan Am, and IBM. She started her own web design business in 1995, just after moving to Santa Fe.

A big thank you to Barbara Flicker and thank you to all who pitched in to create a lovely evening – those who brought food and wine, those who helped organize parking, and those who helped set up and clean up and to Pam Preston for organizing the food.


Oct. 22nd BCC Trash Collection Meeting

At the Oct. 22 informational meeting it appeared that the staff will recommend Option 2. That would require that haulers providing curbside refuse service in the 3 Collection Districts  “bundle” (for a single fee) that service with at least every-other-week recycling service. Many homeowners already have this type of service. Homeowners that currently have “refuse only” service would receive refuse and recycling service. Estimates range from an additional $6-10/month for the added recycling collection. Homeowners that currently self-haul their refuse and recyclables to a County convenience center or BuRRT would be able to continue to do so.