Tano Road Association News & Announcements

Results of Membership Survey

The results of 2015 TRA survey of the neighborhood, conducted from April 5, 2015 – May 15, 2015, are in a pdf file. See the full report.

June 6 Nosh, Rich Higgins Award Presented to Ellen Collins

Howard and Ellen

The Spring Nosh, held on June 6 at the lovely home of Judy & Bill Fisher, was another fun and congenial evening. Neighbors brought fabulous dishes and new neighbors made new friends. Last fall, Howard Gershon (President) and the Board had re-named the volunteer appreciation award as the Rich Higgins Award, in honor of our former President and friend.

Howard and Ellen

We broke our own rules and gave this award to a Board member, in appreciation of her tireless efforts on our behalf concerning water and the Northwest Well. Ellen Collins has made this work virtually a full-time job! As she said, “I believe we are well on our way to a resolution with the City, and I continue to hope that this will be resolved soon!”

In addition, CB Bowles made a brief presentation about infrastructure and solicited input on Internet service. Margaret Alexander made a plea for volunteers to finish building the trail along Tano Road for runners and dog walkers. In fact, a group was out in the rain on the following Saturday and finished the job.

Thank you to all who pitched in to create a lovely evening – thanks to those who brought food and wine, those who helped organize parking, and those who helped set up and clean up.


Public Hearing on County Proposed Solid Waste Ordinance

Update July, 2015: Amid public outcry on June 30, the Santa Fe County Commission  delayed for several months a vote on a controversial ordinance that would change trash and recycling services for some 18,000 residents by creating collection districts in which contractors selected by the county would make curbside pickups.


The Board of County Commissioners is considering an ordinance to establish three curbside “Residential Solid Waste Collection Districts” in the more urbanized areas surrounding the City of Santa Fe. The purpose of the ordinance is for the County to choose a private waste hauler for each district, with preference given to ones that pick up recycling.  That hauler will then be the only one allowed to operate in that district. Rates for trash pickup will be set by the County.  Santa Fe County will hold public meetings and a public hearing on the proposed Ordinance.  Ours is the North District.  Residents will continue to have the option to take their own trash to a waste center.

The County Commission Public Hearing on Proposed Ordinance will take place Tuesday, June 30, 2015 – Public Hearings are to begin no earlier than 5 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, 102 Grant Ave.

You can get more information by going to http://www.santafecountynm.gov/public_works/solidwaste. The actual proposed ordinance can be found at http:/http://www.santafecountynm.gov/userfiles/SW-Collection-Dists-ordinance-maps-cover-memo-04-15.pdf.

Fall Nosh: Volunteer Service Award Renamed in Honor of Rich Higgins

Howard and Jean at Fall Nosh

Howard and Jean at Fall Nosh

The Fall Neighborhood Nosh was a smashing success!  Nearly 100 people attended the party at Ellen McCabe’s and Rick Middleton’s spectacular home, and we thank them for their gracious hospitality.  At the Nosh, Howard Gershon, President of the TRA, announced that the volunteer service award is being renamed in honor of Rich Higgins, and the award was presented posthumously to his widow, Jean.

     See you at the Spring Neighborhood Nosh!

Bark Beetles are Back

The U. S. Forest Service recently confirmed that our pinon trees are under attack again from bark beetles. Although this time is not expected to be as severe as it was several years ago, junipers are also being affected. In light of this, we strongly encourage property owners to remove dead trees. For additional information on this issue, please consult the TRA published booklet “Methods for the Prevention and Treatment of Bark Beetles” which is available in the resources section: https://tanoroad.org/local-resources/tra-booklets

If you have any information to share about the beetles, please do so on the TRA Forum.

Rich Higgins

We recently lost a valued member of the Tano Road community.  Rich Higgins had a massive stroke almost two weeks ago and passed away Tuesday evening at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center.  His wife Jean and daughter Colleen were with him.  Rich has been a member of the Tano Road Association Board since 2008, served as our President from 2010-2013 and coordinated the Security Patrol for several years.  His leadership and efforts on behalf of our community have been invaluable and will be missed, as will his ready smile and kind words.







Be on Lookout for Motorcycles

Update 3/20/15: Bikes returned, see poster with photos.

The following incident was reported by Scott Meyer. It occurred between 1:15 – 1:30 pm on Sunday (6/22).  Police arrived on the scene at 1:33 pm. We have started a Forum entry for it in case you have information or comments to add. (Click on “FORUM” above and then go to “Miscellaneous Topics”.) Read the rest of this entry »

Pam Preston Recognized

Howard Gershon presenting plaque to Pam Preston

Howard Gershon presenting plaque to Pam Preston

On May 17 at the Neighborhood Nosh, Pam  Preston was recognized for her service to the Tano Road area.  Pam has served on the Board of the TRA, was instrumental in road improvements, was involved with getting DSL service to this area via Cybermesa, has been finding homes for our Neighborhood Noshes for many years, AND serves on the Membership Committee, especially with identifying new neighbors via home transactions.  In her spare time, Pam is a real estate agent and breeds miniature poodles.  Thank you, Pam, for your service to the neighborhood.




Dick Haber named Tano Road Association Treasure

President Rich Higgins presenting plaque to Dick Haber

President Rich Higgins presenting plaque to Dick Haber

At the TRA Neighborhood Nosh on October19, 2013 Dick Haber received the neighborhood’s highest recognition. Entitled the TRA Treasure, the award is given to those Tano Road residents that exhibit the highest level of citizenship in the community. Besides serving on the TRA Board, Dick ran the Trash Bashes for many, many years. He is also a decade plus member of the Security Patrol. In the greater community Dick serves on the Board of Las Golondrinas and is very active in Habitat for Humanity. Dick is supported by his wonderful wife, Sarah. By the way Dick also loves model trains! Dick, thank you for all you do and being a great neighbor!