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Jim Borrego named a Tano Road Treasure

Howard Gershon presenting plaque of appreciation  to Jim Borrego

Howard Gershon presenting plaque of appreciation to Jim Borrego

Jim Borrego was honored as a TRA Treasure at the May 4, 2013 Neighborhood Nosh. Jim is a rarity on Tano Road, he is a native Santa Fean. He has a degree in Civil Engineering from NM State and is a partner in a successful residential and commercial construction and development firm with his brothers, working in NM, CO and TX. He serves on the Board of Regents of the New Mexico School for the Deaf and is active in SF Chamber of Commerce. Jim served on TRA Board twice and was a key contributor on water issues.

Jim likes to play with his cows and hunt in his spare time.



Water Issues

To find all the posted information about the NW Well, go to the water page.


We have updated our Know Your Neighbors page. See https://tanoroad.org/local-resources/know-your-neighbors.

Message from a Neighbor Regarding Littering

I adopted the clean up of Camino de Los Montoyas several years ago to honor my Grandson, Matthew Beaver, (who passed away from cancer in 2009) and his family.  I regularly pick up all roadside trash on Co. Rd. 85.  For the past year, unknown person(s) have been littering Bracs peppermint hard candy wrappers by the dozens each week.  These cellophane wrappers are difficult to pick up in the wind, and needless to say, could be kept in the litter bugs car easily.  The amount of trash discarded on this stretch of road is varied and significant in amount, however the candy wrappers are of particular annoyance.  I would appreciate a reminder to members of the Tano Road Assoc. that littering is a subject that can be self correcting, and attention to littering would be appreciated. Thank you, Glenn Levant

Extending the Natural Gas Pipe Line to Rancho Manana/Tequila Sunset Area

Bob Keaty would like to extend the natural gas pipe line to the Rancho Manana/Tequila Sunset area. If interested, see his flyer for more information.

Santa Fe County Needs Citizens to Serve on the County Open Land, Trails, and Parks Advisory Committee

Santa Fe County Needs Citizens to Serve on the County Open Land, Trails, and Parks Advisory Committee (COLTPAC)

Santa Fe County has openings for Citizens to serve on the County Open Land, Trails and Parks Advisory Committee (COLTPAC).  COLTPAC members are volunteers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to assist in further developing the County’s Open Space and Trails Program.   Read the rest of this entry »

Melinne Owen named a Tano Road Treasure

Long time Tano Road resident Melinne Owen was named a Tano Road Treasure at the Neighborhood Nosh on Saturday, October 13. Melinne is the fourth person to win that award. The award is given by the Tano Road Association for exceptional service to the Tano Road community. Melinne and her husband Paul moved to Tano Road in 1998. This was after Melinne had been a Peace Corps member and taught in China. She is an accomplished artist in her own right and today not only produces art but is a key player in the Folk Art Market here in Santa Fe. Melinne has served the Tano Road community on many levels. She was a Board member and Board President. As a member she was very active in the Water Protest in 2000.  She is also a long term Security Patrol member. The current President, Rich Higgins, values her inciteful advice highly because she has seen it all. Finally, we all enjoy what she and Paul bring to the neighborhood. Thank you and congratulations, Melinne!

Santa Fe County is seeking members for

The Nancy Rodriguez Community Center Advisory Committee The Maternal and Child Health Planning Council The DWI Planning Council Read the rest of this entry »

Natural Gas Availability on Tano Road

New information is available on the Natural Gas link (https://tanoroad.org/news/natural-gas-project)

Tano Road Association Honors Margaret Alexander

Margaret Alexander congratulated by Rich Higgins

On Saturday, May 5, the TRA honored Margaret Alexander at the Neighborhood Nosh for her spearheading of the development of trails throughout the Tano Road area.

Margaret Alexander with Rich Higgins

Margaret and her husband David have lived in our neighborhood for 26 years.  Margaret always loved walking and wanted to help develop trails for people to hike and enjoy this beautiful country.  Today, she is a Board member of the Santa Fe Trails Association and the Santa Fe Conservation Trust, and works closely with the Santa Fe Torture Trail event, the largest bike event in New Mexico.

Margaret continues to travel this land, running six miles three times a week and walking her dogs on the “off” days.

Thank you, Margaret, for all you have done for our community.