Montoyas Spur of TRA Trail Completed

In the spring TRA neighbors completed, the “Montoyas Spur” to the Tano Road trail/ walking path.  The spur starts between the intersection of Tano and Montoyas and the group mailboxes nearby.  At that time, the spur ended at Camino Don Patron, providing a safe and enjoyable walking space for dog walkers, exercise buffs, and mountain bikes.  

Recently, the group completed an extension of the trail, on the west side of Montoyas (opposite side of the street from the spur). In the future, the group will extend the walking path even further, to meet up with the La Tierra Trails.

Everyone can help build this pathway by using it.  This year native plants will try to pop back up on the spur, so walking the path repeatedly will discourage them.  

Sara Haber, Lorrey Muellenberg, Howard Gershon, and Margaret Alexander