Be on Lookout for Motorcycles

Update 3/20/15: Bikes returned, see poster with photos.

The following incident was reported by Scott Meyer. It occurred between 1:15 – 1:30 pm on Sunday (6/22).  Police arrived on the scene at 1:33 pm. We have started a Forum entry for it in case you have information or comments to add. (Click on “FORUM” above and then go to “Miscellaneous Topics”.)

Be on the lookout for two men riding “crotch rocket” style motorcycles.  One is orange with black lettering the other is black with white lettering.  They are wearing full helmets with darkening visors. Both motorcycles had yellow New Mexico license plates.  We did not get the plate numbers, as both rider bent up their plates so we could not read or photograph them.  The motorcycles themselves had  slick tires for racing, both men were in their early 20s & were wearing full gear.

They were racing around the Sundance Ridge loop at the end of Tano West.  I took my camera to video them, as this has happened before.  One of the riders hit my partner Brent from behind as he was not the phone with 911. He is okay, but the paramedics took him to St. Vincent just to be safe. He is pretty scraped up on his right leg & in pain. The other motorcyclist got off his bike and  charged toward me.  I backed off, and he went back to his bike and tried to drive into me.  He then snatched the camera out of my hand and they both took off eastbound on Tano West.

If you see or HEAR these guys, please call the sheriff IMMEDIATELY.  Do NOT CONFRONT THEM.  The incident happened at about 1:30 this afternoon, Sunday 6/22.  It’s unlikely that they will be back anytime soon, as they would now know the police are looking for them.  But please do call the sheriff if you hear or see them.

There is a case number assigned.  Officer Gabriel Ortiz is the officer who took the report.

If anyone has a security camera or is aware of any private security cameras on surrounding streets that may have captured these guys on video, please let us or the sheriff department know. We don’t know which way they went. The police came up Cam. de los Montoyas and did not see them.