Ferrell Gas Agreement 2017-2018

The TRA has arranged a new propane agreement with Ferrellgas. The current price is $1.41, and the price is capped at $1.49. This agreement will run from October 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.

If you ordered propane prior to October 1, you should have been charged under the old agreement, where the price was capped at $1.25.

That is the maximum they can charge, but your price may be even lower.  Also, Ferrellgas will not charge Hazmat or Fuel Recovery fees. 

Ferrellgas has a variety of payment plans that include monthly payments, payment within 30 days of delivery, and pay in advance.  If you are interested in changing your payment plan, please contact Paul Haeder, Director of Operations at paulhaeder@ferrellgas.com or (253) 261-7495.

Be sure to watch your tank towards the end of the summer and fill up. Gas and oil prices have gone up and the adjustable top rate will likely go up in the fall.

You must be a current, paid-up member of the TRA in order to get the contract rate.