June 6 Nosh, Rich Higgins Award Presented to Ellen Collins

HowardThe Spring Nosh, held on June 6 at the lovely home of Judy & Bill Fisher, was another fun and congenial evening. Neighbors brought fabulous dishes and new neighbors made new friends. Last fall, Howard Gershon (President) and the Board had re-named the volunteer appreciation award as the Rich Higgins Award, in honor of our former President and friend.

Howard and Ellen

Howard and Ellen

We broke our own rules and gave this award to a Board member, in appreciation of her tireless efforts on our behalf concerning water and the Northwest Well. Ellen Collins has made this work virtually a full-time job! As she said, “I believe we are well on our way to a resolution with the City, and I continue to hope that this will be resolved soon!”

In addition, CB Bowles made a brief presentation about infrastructure and solicited input on Internet service. Margaret Alexander made a plea for volunteers to finish building the trail along Tano Road for runners and dog walkers. In fact, a group was out in the rain on the following Saturday and finished the job.

Thank you to all who pitched in to create a lovely evening – thanks to those who brought food and wine, those who helped organize parking, and those who helped set up and clean up.