Melinne Owen named a Tano Road Treasure

Long time Tano Road resident Melinne Owen was named a Tano Road Treasure at the Neighborhood Nosh on Saturday, October 13. Melinne is the fourth person to win that award. The award is given by the Tano Road Association for exceptional service to the Tano Road community.
Melinne and her husband Paul moved to Tano Road in 1998. This was after Melinne had been a Peace Corps member and taught in China. She is an accomplished artist in her own right and today not only produces art but is a key player in the Folk Art Market here in Santa Fe.
Melinne has served the Tano Road community on many levels. She was a Board member and Board President. As a member she was very active in the Water Protest in 2000.  She is also a long term Security Patrol member. The current President, Rich Higgins, values her inciteful advice highly because she has seen it all. Finally, we all enjoy what she and Paul bring to the neighborhood.
Thank you and congratulations, Melinne!