Message from a Neighbor Regarding Littering

I adopted the clean up of Camino de Los Montoyas several years ago to honor my Grandson, Matthew Beaver, (who passed away from cancer in 2009) and his family.  I regularly pick up all roadside trash on Co. Rd. 85.  For the past year, unknown person(s) have been littering Bracs peppermint hard candy wrappers by the dozens each week.  These cellophane wrappers are difficult to pick up in the wind, and needless to say, could be kept in the litter bugs car easily.  The amount of trash discarded on this stretch of road is varied and significant in amount, however the candy wrappers are of particular annoyance.  I would appreciate a reminder to members of the Tano Road Assoc. that littering is a subject that can be self correcting, and attention to littering would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Glenn Levant