September 19 Nosh, Winky van der Hoeven Received Rich Higgins Service Award

The very successful Fall Nosh was held on September 19 at the beautiful home of Barbara Flicker. Many enjoyed strolling through the English garden and the 7-acre sculpture garden before indulging in the delicious foods.

Ellen Collins reported that we are in ongoing talks with the OSE and City about the water situation but there is no progress to report.  Warren Berg made a plea for more people to join the Security Patrol.

Winky-presentationHoward Gershon, President, awarded the Rich Higgins Service Award to Winky van der Hoeven in recognition of her years of volunteering for the Tano Road Association. In addition to having served for years on the TRA Security Patrol, Winky helped the team develop our website at, and has served as webmaster ever since. An “early adopter” of computing skills, Winky worked on writing code for the Apollo Moon project in the late 1960’s, then worked for TWA, Pan Am, and IBM. She started her own web design business in 1995, just after moving to Santa Fe.

A big thank you to Barbara Flicker and thank you to all who pitched in to create a lovely evening – those who brought food and wine, those who helped organize parking, and those who helped set up and clean up and to Pam Preston for organizing the food.