Tribute to Jim Duncan

At the TRA sponsored Neighborhood Nosh on May 21, the TRA honored our neighbor, Jim Duncan, for his 22 year dedication to the Security Patrol.

Jim with grandaughter and great-granddaughter

Jim with his grandaughter and great-granddaughter

Just retired from the Patrol, Jim had guarded the neighborhood for 22 years dedicating his time to protecting his neighbors. Jim, we recognize your devotion and selflessness with grateful hearts, thank you is too small but it is all we can offer. If you think 22 years patrolling is special, the rest of Jim’s life story is pretty amazing. Decorated numerous times in the European Theater of World War 11 including service at the Battle of the Bulge with the Second Infantry, Jim is too modest to state the number of Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts he received. These awards are for being wounded in combat and valor under fire. After the war during a  successful career in banking he rose to become a bank President. He also supported his alma mater by helping found the Western Michigan University Foundation. Here in Santa Fe, he chaired our local Santa Fe Community Foundation. Whew! Jim is pretty special and we once again  thank him for his service and are proud to have him as a neighbor.