Board of Directors



Helen Swinson, President

Ellen Collins, Vice President

Doris Longhurst, Treasurer

Debbie Dale, Secretary


Warren Berg, Security Patrol
Warren has been a full time resident of Tano Road since 2004. He took over the security patrol in 2014 and enjoys working with all the volunteers who help with the neighborhood patrols.

CB Bowlds, Infrastructure

Karen Freeman, Communications
Karen will be leaving us at the end of this year after many years leading the Board as President and managing TRA communications. She will be dearly missed but will continue on as a nearby neighbor. For communications, please contact our new TRA President Michele Barefoot,, for any news of importance (lost pets, break-ins) or mistakes we need to correct on this website.

Lorrey Muellenberg, Technology
Lorrey has been a full time resident since 2009, retiring in 2013 after 40 years in the oil business. He has been on the security patrol since 2018 and board member since 2019. He has helped build the Tano Road trail and the current construction of the Montoya spur section. He also volunteers for the Santa Fe Conservation Trust and Christus St, Vincent.

Peggy Samaha, Co-Chair, Membership

Helen Swinson, Co-Chair, Membership
It took several years of looking for the perfect place to retire. In 2011 we finally decided to settle in the Tano Road area. It was a great choice. Three weeks after we arrived we attended our first Tano Road Nosh. We came with our Membership application and check in hand and a disastrous chocolate cake. My first attempt at high altitude baking. Since that moment I volunteered on the Membership Committee, an excellent way to meet our new neighbors. I have worked on the Security Patrol, helped with the membership data base, participated in TRA mailings, worked behind the scenes to prepare the Neighborhood Noshes, and was the honored recipient of the Rich Higgins Award.