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Book Clubs

The two active TRA Book Clubs are currently at capacity but there is the possibility of starting a third group. Currently paid up TRA members are welcome to organize a new Club. For details on how to go about starting a new group, please contact

There is also a Nature Lover’s Book Club that meets monthly on a weeknight at the Southside Library in Santa Fe. This club is open to all comers and for more information, please contact Marika Pineda at or phone 505-955-2820.

Following are sample listings of the books these Book Clubs have read over the past year:

TRA Book Club 1

  • Horses, Geraldine Brooks
  • A Gentleman in Moscow, Amor Towles
  • The Five Wounds, Kristine Valdez Quade
  • Heaven and Earth Grocery, James McBride
  • The Colony, Audre Magee
  • The Immense World, Ed Yong

TRA Book Club 2

  • The Sentence, Louise Erdrich
  • A Feast of Snakes, Harry Crews
  • A Woman’s Story, Annie Ernaus
  • Good Night, Irene, Lusi Alberto Urrea
  • The Winter Vault, Anne Michaels
  • 1491 New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, Charles Mann
  • Demon Copperhead, Barbara Kingsolver

Nature Lover’s Book Club

  • Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • Glitter in the Green, In Search of Hummingbirds by Jon Dunn
  • Eager:  The Surprising Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter, Ben Goldfarb
  • Coyote America: A Natural & Supernatural History, Dan Flores