Photo Credit | Mark & Cheri Schumann


Photo Credit | Mark & Cheri Schumann

Committees and Positions

Photo Credit | Frank Uryasz

There are a number of committees and volunteer positions open to neighbors who would like to be involved in various activities and contribute to our community. Volunteers interested in serving as an Event Coordinator or on any one of the following Committees, please contact info@tanoroad.org.

TRA Special Events:

TRA offers a number of events for the neighborhood’s benefit and enjoyment. These can include keeping our neighborhood beautiful with Spring and Fall Trash Bashes, a Newcomers/Volunteer Party and an annual neighborhood party. Event Coordinators willing to help facilitate these events will report to the Board and have the full support of TRA’s Operational resources.


• Maintain the tanoroad.org website.
• Broadcast e-mail alerts  to TRA mailing list.
• Coordinate on-line activity and TRA publications through the TRA Board.

Security Patrol:

• Schedule patrol drivers.
• Maintain vehicle signs and patrol log book.
• Maintain roadside TRA security and neighborhood watch signs.
• Maintain relationship with the county sheriff’s department to ensure police presence in the Tano Road area.

Water Committee:

•Provide information about local water issues to the Board and
•Coordinate participation in State, County and City administrative
actions related to water issues affecting the TRA area.