Photo Credit | Mark & Cheri Schumann

Aamodt Settlement Agreement

This matter is important for property owners in the Tano Road area because:

  • The well on your property may be affected by the ASA.  Some, but not all, properties in the Tano Road area lie within the geographic area covered by the ASA.  If you are unsure if your property is affected, you should contact the State Engineer’s Water Rights Division, see phone number below.
  • How much water will each ASA well be entitled to pump?  What restrictions are placed on how the water can be used?  The answers to these questions depend on when your well was drilled and other factors.  For answers to these questions, you or your attorney can meet with a representative at the State Engineer’s Office and ensure that you understand what your water rights are.
  • If you share a well with one or more adjacent property owners, you should verify that the amount of water allocated to your well reflects the number of homes relying on the well. If a shared well is on property you own, you should ensure the water right assigned under the ASA will accommodate all property owners using the shared well. If a shared well is on your neighbor’s property, you should ensure that you neighbor is aware of this issue and the appropriate applications for your well’s water use have been submitted to the State Engineer’s Office.
  • If your property has more than one house on it, you will need to make sure the water right assigned to your well will accommodate all of the houses on your property.

For further information and assistance contact the State Engineer’s Water Rights Division at 505-827-6091 or 505-383-4000.