TRA Annual Meeting

Please join us at the TRA Annual Meeting, Sunday December 4 from 4-6 pm at Unity Church on Camino de los Montoyas at the intersection with Highway 599.

All Tano Road Area neighbors are welcome, both TRA members and non-members. TRA Members and new members can bring their renewal/new member applications and membership dues to the meeting. We will serve soups made by our Cooking Club and wine, water and coffee to all after our meeting and discussion session. You can contribute to our food drive by bringing canned or packed goods to the meeting.

TRA Hydrology Report 2022

A review conducted in March, 2022 of the NW Well database and the City’s monitoring report  indicates that the aquifer water levels supplying private wells in the Tano Road area remain in good condition.  NW Well pumping increased in 2021 to 429 acre-feet, still well below the 10-year average limit of 650 acre feet per year as agreed in TRA’s Settlement Agreement with the City.  Two of the private monitoring wells in our neighborhood had minimal water column declines while the third well increased slightly over the same period.

Source: Reid Bandeen, Hydrologist

Ferrellgas Agreement 2022-2023

Ferrellgas has renewed its discounted propane pricing for the TRA effective from September 1 2022 through August 30 2023. The propane price in 2022-2023 for active (i.e. paid-up) TRA members is $2.229/gallon, with a capped rate of $2.799/gallon while this agreement is in effect. If the wholesale price of propane decreases during the year, it will be reflected in a lower TRA propane price. The new propane rate is slightly higher vs. the 2021-2022 price. According to Ferrellgas, the current TRA propane rate of $2.299/gallon is still noticeably lower than its current retail customer rate of over $3.00/gallon.

If you have questions, please contact Steve Barthelme at