Natural Gas Project

The Tano Road Association (TRA) has been working with New Mexico Gas Company (NMGCO) to bring natural gas to as many homes in our neighborhood as possible.  The most efficient and inexpensive way to do this is to engage small clusters of houses that are most easily serviced to coordinate share costs.

Natural Gas Pipeline Extension Project Update From Jack Purson: June, 2018

Natural gas prices have dropped in recent years because of a supply glut resulting from advances in horizontal drilling technology. The cost of propane is near historic lows as well but the day will come when oil prices rebound and when it does, propane will lead the way. The price of oil and propane is not government regulated but n

atural gas IS. Natural gas costs will fluctuate much more slowly and not peak as high as the unregulated fossil fuels.

Because of this current oversupply situation for natural gas, our New Mexico Gas Company is trying to expand their customer base by absorbing a greater proportion of the cost of pipeline extension, normally incurred by new customers. I don’t have actual figures but it looks like a 10%-20% reduction over the total costs from 5-8 years ago. That makes the pay-back period shorter, after which your annual savings are permanent and you will never worry about running out of heating fuel because the propane truck didn’t show up.

Now in 2018, the Tano Road area has a significant area on the east side where natural gas is available but we still lack pipeline that connects to the Sundance area pipelines to the west. A goal of TRA is to support homeowners with activities that enhance property values. Buyers of homes here are keenly aware of the value of access to cheaper, reliable natural gas. Although the NM process of extending gas lines may be somewhat arduous and bureaucratic, experienced TRA members are available to assist. Please contact your TRA Board for more information.