The mission of the Tano Road Security Patrol is to deter crime, not to enforce the law or provide security to individuals or their homes. The Patrol maintains high visibility at times of high traffic activity so that those who don’t live in our neighborhood will notice our active crime watch. We try to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement in our neighborhood.

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This approach has proven to be quite effective over the years as confirmed by reports from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office indicating that the Tano Road area has historically had one of the lowest crime rates in the County. The fact that our Patrol model has also been adopted by several other neighborhoods also speaks to its efficacy.

The Patrol is 100% volunteer. Donations to the Patrol cover operating expenses such as signs. The volunteers pay their own gas, vehicle maintenance and associated expenses.

If you are interested in joining the Patrol or would like additional information, please contact the Patrol Chair.