TRA Membership

The goal of the Membership Committee is to create and enhance a spirit of genuine community among those who have chosen to live in this exceptional neighborhood.

Our role is to provide opportunities for people to meet and get to know one another by sponsoring a variety of social activities throughout the year.  

Current Membership activities include:  

  • Two “Nosh” parties a year, one in the spring and another in the fall.  These events are hosted in private homes volunteered by their owners and have been extremely popular over the years.  The owner/host offers the home and the Membership Committee organizes the party.  People are welcome to bring their favorite foods and beverages but the Membership Committee also provides some catered food, beverages, cleanup. and trash removal.  **These have been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19.**
  • A “Newcomers Party” usually held in the fall, is for all new residents who have moved to our area during the year.  These are a great introduction to others who are also new to the area and attended by TRA board members who are on hand to answer any questions. **Also cancelled in 2020.**
  • A “Trash Bash” held in the spring, now in conjunction with the Keep America Beautiful Campaign.  Neighborly volunteers pick up trash along Tano Road, Camino de los Montoyas, or other roads in the area.  The TRA provides trash bags, gloves, a breakfast burrito, and coffee for those who participate.  The trash is deposited at the collection site, the corner of Montoyas and Tano, and later removed by the county.  **May be scheduled in Spring 2021, COVID permitting**
  • An “After Party” for those who attend the Annual Meeting in December.  Hosted in a private home, it is a prelude to the holidays, a magical time of year in Santa Fe. **May be scheduled in 2020, COVID permitting**
  • Several active clubs, including a book club, a cooking club, and a bird group.  We are always interested in volunteers to sponsor or start a club that might be of interest to others. Some have suggested a bowling club, a Maj Jong Club, a walking/hiking club, and a bike club.  There is enough interest in forming a second book club; we just need a contact person to get things going. 

We are always looking for volunteers to sponsor an activity or join us in helping arrange activities and would welcome your participation.  We’d love to get to know you!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Helen Swinson, Chair of the Membership Committee at or 505-983-8969.