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TRA Membership

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The goal of the Membership Committee is to create and enhance a spirit of genuine community among those who have chosen to live in this exceptional neighborhood.   

Our role is to provide opportunities for people to meet and get to know one another by sponsoring a variety of social activities through the year.

 Current Membership activities include:

  • Preparing all membership applications and mailing labels for our entire TRA membership mailing list – approximately 430 members.  We do this at least twice a year and the membership committee gets together to stamp and stuff applications to get them in the mail before the year end.  We do this again as a dues reminder mailing in February.
  • Three Neighborhood Gatherings a year – all dependent upon current COVID restrictions.  One, “New Neighbor Welcoming Party” which will introduce and welcome brand new TRA residents.  This will be attended by TRA board members who are on hand to answer any questions about our organization and committees.  This will be held sometime within the first 6 month of the new year.  Second, “Neighborhood Nosh” will be open to all TRA residents.  The event is hosted at one of our members’ home and the timeframe for this event is contingent on the homeowners’ availability.  This event will be a combination of guests bringing favorite appetizers, desserts, wine and beverages of their choice.  The main course will be catered, and all non-alcoholic beverages will be provided by the TRA.  The Membership Committee will provide staff for set up, cleanup and trash removal.  And the third gathering, will be the “Annual After Party” held after our annual TRA meeting which occurs in December.  This event is usually hosted at the Unity Church and is a prelude to the holidays, a magical time of year in Santa Fe.  The Membership Committee coordinates and organizes all of these events.
  • Two neighborhood Trash Bashes will be held in the spring and fall, in conjunction with the Keep Santa Fe Beautiful Campaign.  Neighborly volunteers pick up trash along Tano Road, Camino de los Montoyas, and/or other roads in the area.  The TRA Trash Bash team leaders provide trash bags, gloves, a breakfast burrito and coffee for those who participate.  The collected trash is deposited at three collection sites and later removed by the County.
  • Several “small group” clubs include book clubs, a cooking club and a hiking club.  We are always interested in volunteers to become a “team Leader” to sponsor or start a small group club that might be of interest to others.  Some  of the suggestions have been… a Maj Jong club, a bowling club and a bridge club.
  • In 2022 we will be organizing an outdoor bird watching program hosted by one of our TRA Board members who is an avid birder.
  • From time to time we also will host ZOOM events featuring our county Fire Marshall giving us up to date tips on fire prevention and safety.  We have also hosted ZOOM speakers whose topics range from New Mexico history as it relates to tamale making and ecological topics presented by the Santa Fe Master Naturalist community.  These ZOOM events are easy to “attend” right from the comfort of your own home.

This is a very active committee and we are always looking for volunteers to sponsor an activity or join us in helping arrange programs and certainly help with our mailings.  We would welcome your participation.  We’d love to get to know you!!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Helen Swinson, Co-Chair of the Membership Committee at or 505-983-8969.  Or you can contact Peggy Samaha, Co-Chair of the Membership Committee at or 505-982-4006.